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Biting Insect Protection

Deter Insect Repellent®

Biting Insect Protection

Deter Bug Bite Therapy


Protect Yourself From Biting Insects

Choosing an insect repellant can be incredibly frustrating. Finding a product that actually protects your skin from bites -- without adding harmful chemicals to your body and the environment is a huge challenge. At Deter Outdoor Skin Protection, we’ve developed a line of safe, effective biting insect protection products you can trust and have peace of mind about.

Proven Effectiveness

Feel confident and relaxed at your next picnic or fishing trip. Deter Insect Repellant will do its job and keep insects at bay. Our insect repellant has been clinically proven to be the most effective natural insect deterrent, repelling mosquitos for over six hours. In fact we’re so confident in its abilities, we provide a money-back guarantee.

The Safety of Our Products

We believe you -- and the Earth -- deserve an effective repellant that doesn’t pose risks to your health or the environment. Deter Outdoor Skin Protection uses a DEET-free, botanical formula that has been extensively tested in independent studies, including a 50-subject clinical trial overseen by a Board Certified Dermatologist that effectively confirmed its safety.

Insect Repellants that Don’t Smell or Feel Like… Insect Repellants

Do you ever feel like insect repellants are a necessary evil? You don’t want to get an annoying -- or worse, a dangerous -- bite when you’re enjoying the outdoors, so you spray or slather on a greasy, smelly product to keep the bugs away. And while it works, it just feels and smells so… gross. Our line of insect repellants provide a cleaner alternative with a light, non-greasy feel. And what’s more -- our products have a fresh spearmint scent. No more dreading the protection from bugs! Don’t compromise. Choose a product that keeps you safe from bugs while also keeping chemicals far away.