The objective of this independent study was to scientifically analyze the effectiveness of Deter Insect Repellent® and to compare the product’s efficacy against DEET-based insect repellents (Cutter® 7% DEET and Off® Deep Woods 25% DEET), as well as two commercially available botanical repellents (Repel® Lemon Eucalyptus and Bite Blocker® Xtreme Sportsman). All products were tested against an untreated control. The study was conducted using the Cage Test Method and analyzed the landing/biting activity of female Southern House Mosquitoes (Culex quinquefasciatus). The arms of human test subjects were exposed every 10 minutes during the 6 hour test period. The entire study was replicated twice.

The test results issued in April 2013 demonstrated the average mosquito landing rates during the 6 hour test period were 95.8 for untreated control and only 0.8 following treatment with Deter Insect Repellent®. Results also showed that Deter Insect Repellent® remained effective for 6 hours without a reduction in repellency. The test demonstrated that Deter significantly (ANOVA, p<0.05) out-performed Repel, Bite Blocker and Cutter 7% DEET while remaining as effective as Off containing 25% DEET.

Deter Insect Repellent® is one of the only natural insect repellents which has scientifically demonstrated its safety and efficacy. Consumers have a large number of repellent products on the market from which they can choose. DEET-based products remain the most commonly used repellents. However, with growing concerns about the safety and environmental impact of DEET, as well as other chemical based repellents, consumers are increasingly seeking safe natural alternatives. Deter Insect Repellent® is proven safe, effective and environmentally friendly, providing consumers with a product that truly works and that they can feel good about using on themselves and their families.

Details about the Independent Laboratory Testing Reported April 2013

METHOD: Screen Cage Test was employed using the Southern House Mosquito Culex
quinquefasciatus. Hungry female mosquitoes were present in a screened cage. The arm of a human volunteer was inserted into the cage for 2 minutes and the landing and feeding rates were recorded. This was repeated every 10 minutes during the course of 6 hours. Six treatment groups were studied: An untreated control was compared to arms treated with Repel® Lemon Eucalyptus, Bite Blocker® Xtreme Sportsman, Cutter® (7% DEET), Off® Deep Woods 25% DEET and Deter Insect Repellent®. The entire test was replicated twice.

RESULTS: During the 6 hour study period the untreated control average landing rate = 95.8. This compared to the average landing rate following treatment with Repel Lemon Eucalyptus = 4.8, Bite Blocker® Extreme Sportsman = 5.8, Cutter® 7% DEET = 8.5, Off® Deep Woods 25% DEET = 1.2, Deter Insect Repellent® = 0.8. The results showed during the 6 hour study period Deter provided significantly better repellency (ANOVA, p<0.05) than the untreated control, Bite Blocker® Extreme Sportsman, Repel® Lemon Eucalyptus and Cutter® 7% DEET and was statistically equivalent to Off® Deep Woods 25% DEET.

In summary, the results demonstrate that Deter Insect Repellent® remained effective for 6 hours without any reduction in repellency, and its effectiveness was statistically equivalent to 25% DEET. The graph below presents the average mosquito landing rates during the 6 hour test period.

With Deter Insect Repellent®
No Repellent